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We highly recommend participants have access to “Shift Shop” via DVD or Beachbody On Demand Subscription. Bi-weekly purchase of 14 meals is required to remain a member of the 8 week Facebook challenge program. Failure to complete purchase within the 8 week program will result in removal from the Facebook group.

Space is limited in this year’s exclusive challenge group:
Making the Shift with PangeaKeto in 2020.

Reserve your spot in the 8-week jumpstart program for exclusive access to Chris Downing and PangeaKeto’s curated meals delivered right to your door with all the support and tools you need to manifest your vision for 2020.

What do you envision for 2020?

Right now is the time to focus on what you want to be. Explore what your body is capable of, and do it without the stress, mess, and guesswork of figuring out what is the right meal plan to fuel your body.

2020 Challenge Crew Members Get:

Motivational Messages and Meetings With Chris

14 day free trial of Beachbody On Demand to stream Chris Downing’s workout – Shift Shop

Quick Tip Guides To Keep You On Track

8 Weeks of Carefully Selected Curated Meals

Exclusive Discount on your first order with PangeaKeto Meal Delivery Service (a $61.70 savings)

The Support You Need to Stress Less and Focus More

A simplified keto container tracking system will be available inside the private Facebook Group. No tracking macros. No tracking calories. Just following containers.

Challenge Yourself! Reserve your spot NOW for:

Access to the Exclusive ramp-up quick start guide to prepare your body and mind for the transformative process of 2020.

Welcome Message and Motivation From Chris Downing, so you can set your mind to the right track for January.

Early Entrance into the Crew’s VIP Facebook Group

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Spots in Making the Shift with PangeaKeto are limited.

Reserve your spot now to get an exclusive discount code for your first order and be entered into a drawing where 10 challenge members will win one month of FREE meals from PangeaKeto.

Reserve Your Spot

Meet Chris Downing, Your Trainer

Chris Downing is a Beachbody Super Trainer, Motivational Speaker and the Co-Creator of Shift Shop/Proving Grounds. To jumpstart 2020, he is working with PangeaKeto and a select group of motivated individuals in the PangeaKeto 2020 Making the Shift Challenge Crew on an 8-week program to see what results can be had without the mess, stress, and guesswork of having to think about food.

As part of the Making the Shift Crew, you have everything you need, as well as the support of Chris and an exclusive community around you. We’re going to do all the work for you, and cheer you on along the way.

Why sign up for Making the Shift with PangeaKeto 2020?


No mess.

PangeaKeto meals are prepared by a team of accomplished chefs, who have revolutionized the concept of fully-prepared meals, taking care of all the prep-work for you, and giving you high-end, well-formulated ketogenic meals in five minutes or less, without any work from you.


No guess.

Take the guesswork off your plate and replace it with delicious food. Every 2 weeks, select the 14 meals that tantalize your tastebuds, and we’ll ship the meals straight to your doorstep. We’ve focused our PangeaKeto food plans down to a science, so you don’t have to, accurately formulating meals with the right fats, carbs and protein, to optimize results and keep your body in a ketogenic state.


No stress.

Fill your freezer with our curated keto meals that are fully prepped, well-formulated and delicious. You’re on a ketogenic diet because you wanted a change in lifestyle. Stressing about your food shouldn’t get in the way of your journey.

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  • Knowing your biological sex helps us understand your body chemistry, dietary requirements, and physical makeup. Please select the sex that most closely matches your own even if your gender differs.
  • Knowing your age range helps us understand your dietary needs.

Your food should prep you for a change!

You shouldn’t have to think about your food any more than your food thinks about you. PangeaKeto has specialty formulated meals down to a delicious science, so you don’t have to. No mess. No guess. No stress. Just yum.

Food that focuses on you!

The hardest part of any special meal plan is finding the balance between special ingredients and creative solutions to find foods that keep you satisfied with flavor and function.

PangeaKeto flips that idea around, taking all the guesswork out and providing you delicious, well-formulated keto meals, so you can focus on the parts of your life that matter most to you.

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