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Why PangeaKeto Started Out Of Necessity

As you can see from my before and after photos (with my daughter Skylar) I was in desperate need of a lifestyle change. In 2015 at the age of 45, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and my doctor informed me that my A1C level was 11.5. I weighed 345 pounds and suffered from sleep apnea. Pricking my finger, injecting my stomach every morning, and wearing a CPAP mask every night was not the way I wanted to live the rest of my life.

I knew I had to make a change if I ever wanted to walk my daughter down the aisle someday. I qualified to receive gastric bypass surgery which was the first step in changing my life. However, the true change in my life and how I approached my way of thinking about food came from my bypass surgeon. He had a truly eye-opening quote, he said “Jeff, all I did was change the size of your stomach. I did not change your hormones.” The point he was making was that, yes you can lose weight from the surgery initially but if you don’t change your diet (carbohydrates and sugar) your bodies hormones will start packing the weight back on. There are many examples of bypass patients who have regained their weight and I did not want to be another statistic. At that point in my life I knew I needed a change and knew it needed to come in a healthy way, I found Keto.

Jeff Zucal
Co-Founder of PangeaKeto

Jeff Appears on Local Radio Show

The Zuke talks about PangeaKeto on WHBC

I founded PangeaKeto out of necessity to change my lifestyle to a low carb Ketogenic Diet. After losing 140 pounds on a ketogenic diet I realized that my hormones, specifically Insulin, were very sensitive to carbs. I would shop at a local grocery store for simple low carb/ keto meals and snacks and was amazed to find virtually nothing available to me.

PangeaKeto mission is to provide great tasting low carb/keto meals, condiments and snacks with clean ingredients, packaged conveniently so that you can easily sustain this lifestyle.

Thank you so much for reading my story and I hope PangeaKeto can help make it easier for you to start living the low carb/keto lifestyle.



Delicious and Satisfying:

PangeaKeto is a Chef-centric, food forward company. No diet or lifestyle can be sustainable in the long term if the foods are not delicious – and likewise, the portion sizes must be satisfying.

Quality Ingredients:

Focus on superior oils high in Monounsaturated and Saturated fats – Avocado and Olive Oils. Non GMO, organic, free range and grass fed products are always our first choice.


Packaged for Convenience:

Pangea Food’s products are portioned and packaged for maximum convenience to the consumer. We strive to offer products that require minimal, if any prep time.

Backed By Research:

With the aid of some of the most notable minds in the Low Carb / Ketogenic field, Pangea Food’s has taken the thought out of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Our simple Macro Nutrient boxes on our labels allow you to easily determine Net Carbs, Fat and Sugars (if any). You can count on any and every Pangea Food’s product to easily meet the requirements of a Low Carb / Ketogenic Lifestyle.

A Strategic Partner:

PangeaKeto is committed to being more than just a retail source of quality products. We currently partner with numerous organizations, ranging from athletic performance directors to leading researchers to customize meal components for their specific needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

PangeaKeto goal is to offer a wide range of delicious and convenient meal solutions for the low carb / keto lifestyle. We are committed to the highest quality ingredients and healthiest fats in our current and future products. Visit our website, where you will find our delicious line of Chef Prepared Flash Frozen Meals and convenient Simple Stix, an all Natural Beef Snack.

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