What’s up everyone? Chris Downing here. About 10 years ago, I bought my first gym from a friend of mine, Jeff Zucal. At the time, Jeff was about 350 pounds, and my first thought was, “Why does this guy own a gym that he obviously isn’t using?” What I didn’t know was that behind the obesity was actually a genius in the making. I can recall coming to work on multiple occasions and Jeff would be sitting at his desk studying the science of nutrition, along with a deeper understanding of insulin, ketones, glycogen, and how the body works.

After a serious health scare, Jeff took back his health and lost a ton of weight.

Jeff Zucal before and after

Over the course of the last 8 years or so, we have both been focused on our own personal endeavors only to reconnect to what I believe is for a much bigger purpose.

These days, I’m a Beachbody Super Trainer and creator of the fitness program “Shift Shop” and Jeff is the founder of PangeaKeto. Our partnership has one goal — to do our part in making America healthy again. There are too many people in this world walking around incomplete with poverty manifesting through their bodies with illnesses and other health-related issues. We want to change that and help anyone who wants to take their mindset, fitness, and nutrition to the next level so that YOU can live the life you were created to live according to your birthright!

On January 1st we’ll kick off our Making the Shift with PangeaKeto 2020 Challenge Group!  This group will combine my fitness program, The Shift Shop, with a keto-friendly meal plan from PangeaKeto. Yes, you read that right – 8 weeks of The Shift Shop with meals delivered to your door from PangeaKeto.  

I can’t think of a better way to get results than that! These 8 weeks will provide a lot of motivation and accountability to help you stay focused and committed to your 2020 health and fitness goals. Who is ready to cross the river with us from where you are now to where you want to be? 

Reserve your spot now!